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Masonry Cement Uses

Quality/Strength Enhancing Additive
A new concept in grinding aids, CBA additive offers all the benefits of traditional grinding aids such as increased grinding efficiency and cement flowability. In addition, in many cases it has been found to improve the strength, particularly the late strength, of cement. A "Grinding Aid Plus," CBA allows the cement producer to trade off strength gains for reduced fineness and achieve lower unit power savings compared with other grinding aids. It has also been known to improve the workability of cement mortars and concrete.
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Additive For Masonry Cement
A series of multipurpose additives interground during the manufacture of prepared masonry cement to entrain air, impart water repellency, control setting time, extend board life and improve workability. It eliminates the need to add separate materials to impart this combination of properties to masonry cements.
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Air-Entraining Additive For Masonry Cement
An aqueous solution of neutralized hydroaromatic and fatty carboxylic acids used in the manufacture of air entraining portland and masonry cements. It is interground during the manufacture of these cements. Airalon is specified as a reference additive under ASTM C 465 specification for air entraining additives. It is economical to use and offers proven performance.
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Grinding Aid/Pack Set Inhibitor
HEA2 is an effective dispersant for use as a grinding aid/pack set inhibitor for portland cement and other hydraulic cements. It improves the efficiency of the grinding process by preventing the newly fractured cement particles from reagglomerating. HEA2 increases mill output at the same cement fineness, reduces grinding costs, increases cement strengths and increases cement flowability. It is effective in both open circuit and closed circuit cement mills.
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Grinding Aid/Pack Set Inhibitor
A chemical additive which acts as an effective grinding aid/pack set inhibitor on portland or blended cements. It increases mill output at the same cement fineness, reduces grinding costs, improves cement strengths, increases cement flowability and is easy and safe to handle.
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Technology for Cement
Developed at Grace laboratories, Tytron represents a new chemistry for use in the production of cement for masonry applications. Interground during the cement manufacturing process, Tytron allows cement manufacturers to achieve performance consistent with requirements of ASTM C 91-95c Standard Specification for Masonry Cement. In addition, it provides important performance benefits such as excellent workability, long board life, superior water retention or water repellency.
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