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Project Profiles:
AMP World Headquarters Parking Structure

Project: AMP World Headquarters Parking Structure
Precast Concrete Supplier: Nitterhouse Concrete Products, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Clapp & Holmes
Architect: Scholl-Sower-Garner-Saylor
General Contractor: Lobar, Inc.
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Products: DCI® S Corrosion Inhibitor, Daravair®, Daracem® 19

The Challenge . . .

When AMP Inc. was building a new world headquarters, they needed a parking garage that had an impressive design and was built to last. Because parking structures in northern climates get repeated doses of de-icing salts, and cars laden with road salt drop salt onto parking decks, preventing corrosion is a prime concern.

The Solution . . .

"Working with the architect, engineer and Grace Construction Products at the start of the project, we were able to carefully consider the design and requirements of the structure to develop the appropriate mix", said Larry Shoemaker, Nitterhouse Concrete Products. DCI S was included for corrosion protection in all of the precast double-tee deck panels. Daravair, a liquid air-entraining admixture, was used to provide freeze-thaw resistance, yield control, and finishability performance across a full range of concrete mix designs. In addition, Daracem 19 superplasticizer was included to give the mix workability at a very low water/cement ratio which is ideal for use in parking decks.

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