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Project Profiles:
The Port of Brisbane

Project owner: Port of Brisbane Corporation
Consultants: Rust PPK Pty Ltd; Karamisheff-Nagel Pty Ltd; Taywood Engineering
Main Contractor: Baulderstone Hornibrook Engineering
Concrete Supplier: CSR Readymix
Location: Australia
Product: DCI® Corrosion Inhibitor

The Challenge . . .

Corrosion of reinforcement on existing structures was an important consideration in this project. The Port of Brisbane considered options such as surface treatments, pozzolans, dampproofing products and competitive corrosion inhibitors.

The Solution . . .

The Port of Brisbane Corporation found their solution in DCI Corrosion Inhibitor. The choice was clear when Grace Construction Products showed the long-term effectiveness and cost to owner of each system using life cycle cost analysis. Considering the "Whole of Life Costs" for a design life of 50 years, DCI was most economical and beneficial option.

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