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Mark Clark Expressway

Project: Mark Clark Expressway, Bridge Beams
Bulb tees measuring 1.9 meters deep by 46-meters long.
(74 in. deep - 150 ft. long)
Location: Jonesboro, GA
Product: ADVA® Cast Superplasticizer
Concrete Supplier: Tindall Corporation - Georgia Division, Jonesboro Plant

The Challenge . . .

Tindall Corporation of Georgia needed to produce precast bulb tees, measuring 1.9 meters deep by 46 meters (74 in. - 150 ft.) long - ready to deliver within three days at minimum transportation strengths of 8000 psi. Breaks needed to be guaranteed at 12 hours with minimum release strengths of 6500 psi to keep the job on schedule.

The Solution . . .

ADVA Superplasticizer was chosen. The job never had a low break, and release strengths were achieved within 8-10 hours with transportation strengths achieved in one day. Tindall's plant engineer noted that due to the success of the job, he has full confidence in ADVA.

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