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Project Profiles:
Flinders Street Railway Station

Client: Public Transport Commission
Engineer: Hardcastle & Richards
Contractor: Koroz Construction
Concrete Supplier: Pioneer Concrete
Products: Eclipse® Shrinkage Reducing Admixture, Grace MicroFiber™
Location: Melbourne, Australia

The Challenge . . .

Repairing the roof of this famous building required the removal and replacement of the bitumen/felt roof membrane over the existing concrete roof. The specification called for a 50mm thick lightweight fiber reinforced concrete overlay slab to be placed over the membrane. The challenge was to produce a slab overlay with minimal cracks.

The Solution . . .

Following discussions with the project managers and design consultant, it was agreed to use Eclipse® Shrinkage Reducing Admixture on a section of the project. Eclipse dramatically reduces shrinkage and associated cracks in concrete without adding expansive materials to the concrete. It is the first product of its kind and it acts chemically to attack the primary mechanism causing shrinkage in concrete.

The placement and finishing operations went smoothly and there has been no evidence of cracking or curling on the slab overlay. Grace MicroFiber™ were specified to produce a slab overlay with minimal cracks.

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