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Project Profiles:
Fox Tower
Portland, Oregon, USA

Project: The Fox Tower
Concrete Supplier:
Glacier Northwest (formerly Lone Star Northwest), Portland, OR
Specifier: KPFF Consulting Engineers, Portland, OR
Contractor: Hoffman Construction, Portland, OR
Project Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Product: MIRA™ 70

The Challenge . . .

The Fox Tower Project required the placing and finishing of floors in a multi-level office building containing retail space, office space and parking. The mix would have to be highly flowable and pumpable, achieving target slumps [175 mm (7 in.)] and strengths, while at the same time producing an excellent surface finish.

The Solution . . .

The solution was MIRA 70. MIRA 70 is recommended where flowable, 150-200 mm (5 to 8 in.) slump concrete with superior finishing is required. MIRA 70 is particularly effective in commercial and residential flatwork and formed concrete applications. When added to the mix, neutral setting MIRA 70 increased slumps and made pumping and finishing easier and faster - WITHOUT adding extra water, which would have compromised ultimate strengths. With MIRA 70, the goal of a 175mm (7 in.) slump was attained with little to no slump loss or spongy set during placement and finishing. Hoffman Construction noted that because of the addition of MIRA 70 to the mix, they could place and finish up to 50% faster than with conventional mixes.

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