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Project Profiles:
Huntsman Cancer Institute

Project: The Huntsman Cancer Institute
Structural Engineers: Reaveley Engineers and Associates
Contractor: Jacobsen Construction
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Product: ADVA® Superplasticizer and ECLIPSE® Shrinkage Reducing Admixture
Concrete Supplier: Monroc, Inc.

The Challenge . . .

When the Huntsman Cancer Institute had to construct its basement facility, it needed to pour concrete floors that wouldn't crack from shrinkage. Any significant cracking during the life of the floor slab could introduce bacteria, parasites, or other undesirable elements into what should be a clean room environment. Such an intrusion could compromise study results and jeopardize the success of potentially life-saving multi-year, multi-million dollar research projects.

The Solution . . .

Jacobsen Construction and Reaveley Engineers and Associates, structural engineers and contractor respectively for the research center funded by the Jon and Karen Huntsman family, did some research of their own. They discovered the perfect cure for cracking concrete — ADVA Superplasticizer and Eclipse Shrinkage Reducing Admixture from Grace.

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