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Amerada Hess, Nigg Bay Oil Storage Platform

Project: Nigg Bay Oil Storage Platform
Client: Amerada Hess
Contractor: Taylor Woodrow
Location: Scotland
Product: ADVA® Superplasticizer

The Challenge . . .

A massive project, the Nigg Bay Oil Storage Platform required thousands of meters of formed vertical wall. Slip-forming was the construction method utilized for the walls to help create a watertight structure. The mix specified required high strength concrete with low density/high workability to enable transportation and placing around dense reinforcement and post-tensioning ducts. The concrete also needed to remain workable throughout its transportation and placement. The original mix used caused a slowdown in the forming rate and could not meet the tight scheduling requirements.

The Solution . . .

The Grace Construction Products team was brought in to consult on the concrete mix. The team recommended ADVA Superplasticizer to achieve all the criteria laid down by the contractor for the concrete. The addition of ADVA to the mix produced a high strength concrete with a minimum water/cement ratio, a high degree of workability, and improved finishing characteristics.

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