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The Prominence High Rise

Project: Prominence High Rise
Structural Engineers: Stan Lindsey and Associates
Location: Atlanta, GA
Product: ADVA® Superplasticizer
Concrete Supplier: Blue Circle Materials
Contractor: Holder Construction

The Challenge . . .

Achieving strength in the support columns for this 48-story structure was crucial. High early strengths were needed overnight, reaching 35 MPa (5,000 psi) within two days, and achieving ultimate strengths of 97 MPa (14,000 psi).

The Solution . . .

ADVA with its high workability, high strength, pumpability and finishability was chosen for the job. ADVA was also chosen for its ability to set faster than normal Type G superplasticizers, allowing the finishers and crew to get on and off the job faster, saving time and money.

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