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Manufactured exclusively for Grace by Fiberlock Technologies, Inc., Firebond Concentrate and Firebond Adhesive are U/L classified bonding agents approved for use with any of the fire protection or acoustical treatment products manufactured by Grace. Non-toxic, non-flammable and ready to use. Classified in compliance with ASTM E 119 and listed in the UL fire resistance directory, category CBUI, encapsulant materials.
UL Classifications

Spatterkote™ SK-3
A mill-mixed, portland cement based cementitious spray-applied fireproofing accessory product. Designed to be used with Monokote Type MK-6 and Retro-Guard on cellular steel decking with flat plate on the bottom and some roof-ceiling designs. Used in today's most advanced structural steel deck designs.
UL Classifications

Topkrete™ TK-610L
A portland cement-based high-density protective coating approved for use over Monokote and Retro-Guard fire protection products. Intended for interior use only as a protective coating on columns and beams exposed to high traffic areas susceptible to heavy physical abuse. May be spray or trowel applied to the specified thickness.
UL Classifications

Monokote® Accelerator
Monokote Accelerator is designed to enhance yield and setting time of MK 6/HY and other Grace Gypsum and portland cement based products specifically formulated for use with this product. The use of Monokote Accelerator enables fast, multi-pass operation minimizing contractor costs and speeding completion of the project. Monokote Accelerator is covered under U.S. patent number 4,904,503.
UL Classifications

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