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Condé Nast Building

Project: Condé Nast Building @ Four Times Square
Architect: Fox & Fowle Architects, P.C.
: New York, NY
Fireproofing: Monokote® MK-6

This 48-story building has attracted national attention because of its focus on sustainable design practices and environmental responsibility. Developed by the Durst Organization, Inc., the building incorporates sustainable building practices with a commitment to supplying construction materials that exhibit durability, appropriateness, performance and attention to occupational health and safety during the manufacturing process.

The Challenge . . .

The architects selected construction materials with a preference for those that contained the maximum percentage of recycled content and low-to-no VOC's while avoiding materials that might be harmful to workers' health or the environment.

The Solution . . .

Monokote® MK-6 met or exceeded the environmental performance guidelines for the Condé Nast Building. Excellent in-place performance characteristics, combined with high recycled content, made Monokote® the fireproofing product of choice.

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