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McCormick Place

Project: McCormick Place South Convention Center
: Chicago, Illinois
Fireproofing: Monokote® MK-6; Z-106; Z-146

The McCormick Place South expansion added almost one million square feet of exhibition and conference hall space to the existing facilities. Believed to be the largest fireproofing project ever undertaken in North America, the fireproofing was subcontracted to a joint venture of J.L. Manta of Hammond, Indiana and Chicago's Cole & Associates. The project was constructed using approximately 40,000 tons of structural steel and required over 250,000 bags of Monokote® fireproofing which was applied under difficult site conditions. J.L. Manta awarded Grace Construction Products its 1994 "Supplier of the Year" award for outstanding product quality and technical support on the McCormick Place Expansion Project.

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