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Flexible Flashings for Commercial Construction

Perm-A-Barrier® Wall Flashing
Ideal for both new and retrofit applications, Perm-A-Barrier Wall Flashing is a 40-mil through wall membrane designed to collect water that may enter wall cavities and direct it to the exterior through the wall's weep system. Its unique green color and repeated imprinted logo quickly differentiate it on the jobsite from other flashing types. Easy to install, Perm-A-Barrier can be applied to concrete, masonry, block, steel, gypsum and wood and is highly effective even on vertical surfaces and around details. Available in 83.3' rolls in widths of 12", 18", 24" and 36".
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Vycor® Weather Barrier Strips
Provides superior protection against water, air and moisture infiltration in window and door openings, corner boards, under stucco finishes, masonry walls and other flashing areas. The product is 40 mil thick and is designed to meet the requirements for weather resistive barriers as defined by Federal Specification UU-B-790a, Grade A. It is designed to work in severe winter climates, milder climates, and in coastal areas where wind-driven rain is common. It should not be used on roofs. It is compatible with wood, plywood, oriented strand board, concrete and masonry and fully adheres to the substrate to prevent water from passing through and into the substrate. Available in a range of widths: 6", 9" and 12", to accommodate a variety of job requirements.
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