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Project Profiles:
Our Lady of the Lake University

Photo Courtesy of Ron Brennan.

Project: Student Services Center
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Product: DRY-BLOCK® Block Admixture and DRY-BLOCK® Mortar Admixture
Block Producer: Featherlite, Converse, Texas
Architect: Alamo Architects, San Antonio, Texas
Mason: Shadrock Williams, Helotes, Texas

The Challenge . . .

Protecting structures from the harmful effects of water is a key performance criterion in masonry design. Water wicking into unprotected concrete masonry units and mortar can lead to efflorescence and staining. In constructing the new Student Services Center, the architects were able to relate to the neo-Gothic style of the older buildings with split-face concrete block. It is an attractive and cost-efficient alternative to stone.

The Solution . . .

The challenge was met by specifying DRY-BLOCK Block and Mortar Admixture. DRY-BLOCK provides integral water-repellent blocks and mortar. Minimizing absorption of water into the concrete masonry units reduces the likelihood of surface staining by efflorescence, mold, or mildew. The use of DRY-BLOCK enables concrete masonry units to maintain their appearance over time, contributing to the savings and cost-effectiveness with low-maintenance. The new building is a successful modern interpretation of the historic campus structures.

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