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Menomonee Falls Fire Station No. 4

Project: This building received the Excellence in Masonry Award from the Wisconsin Concrete Masonry Association. Fire Station No. 4 is a superb example of block on block construction, utilizing 16-inch split face units with the traditional cavity wall back-up. This choice provided the beauty of a rugged surface, the practicality of cavity wall construction and the cost-effective advantages of concrete masonry. The combination of gray split face units together with glazed red and black units reflects the fire fighter's function, as defender against the ravages of flame and smoke.
Location: Menomonee Falls, WI
Product: DRY-BLOCK® Block Admixture and Mortar Admixture
Block Producer: Best Block, Milwaukee, WI
Architect: Fischer-Fischer-Theis, Inc., Waukesha, WI

The Challenge . . .

The 4" veneer of scored 16" x 16" split-face concrete masonry units gives the appearance of a stone façade to this public project. The beauty and durability of this creative solution would be quickly spoiled by the effects of weather, due to the moisture absorption typical of split face concrete masonry units.

The Solution . . .

The firm of Fischer-Fischer-Theis, Inc. was responsive to the need for rugged durability by specifying DRY-BLOCK® integral water-repellent block admixture and DRY-BLOCK mortar admixture. The DRY-BLOCK concrete masonry unit wall repels moisture and dries out rapidly after a rain. A fire station serves an important civic purpose of preparedness to face disaster. Visual cues incorporated by the architects draw attention to this function and will be reinforced as the long-term good looks of this structure continue to promote civic well being.

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