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Project Profiles:
Temple Shalom of Newton

Project: School Addition to the Temple
Location: Newton, Massachusetts
Product: DRY-BRICK™ Mortar Admixture
Brick Distributor: Consolidated Brick, Avon, Massachusetts
Architect: Claude Emanuel Menders, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts

The Challenge . . .

The existing building was constructed of 1955 yellow Roman brick. These units, being narrow, result in an increased proportion of mortar on the wall. Therefore, for the School addition, the choice of mortar became important to the ability of the wall to repel water and dry out after a rain. Also, the cavity frame is steel stud, which increases the need for water resistance of the façade.

The Solution . . .

The architects chose to specify DRY-BRICK™ Mortar Admixture. This is an integral water repellent that enhances the bond between masonry units and mortar, while maintaining breathability of the building envelope. The wicking property of masonry mortar is dramatically reduced with DRY-BRICK.

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