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Reinforces Commitment to Innovative Products, Technical Service at Booth S6835

Sand World International Sculpts 17-Ton "Las Vegas Scene" at Booth

LAS VEGAS, March 23, 1999 — Grace Construction Products, a world leader in the construction products industry, will showcase its latest product and service innovations at ConExpo-Con/Agg '99, booth S6835, in Las Vegas, March 23-27, 1999. Grace will preview three exciting new products at the show – IMPASS™, the next generation in corrosion protection; MIRA™, Grace's newest mid-range water reducer admixtures; and Grace Structural Fibers™, the company's newest and most revolutionary synthetic structural fiber reinforcement. These products will be available in 1999.

Other featured products, demonstrations, and services include an enhanced version of the company's highly acclaimed DuraModel™ Software, ADVA® Superplasticizer, Eclipse® shrinkage reducing admixture, and PolarSet® non-chloride accelerator.


Grace has been recognized as the leader in developing corrosion protection admixtures since the introduction of its calcium nitrite based DCI® Corrosion Inhibitor, and its new mixed inhibitor IMPASS is designed to impact both anodic and cathodic reactions and to bring corrosion protection into the next Millennium. Featuring advanced DCI technology, IMPASS is recommended for all steel-reinforced, post tensioned and pre-stressed concrete that will come in contact with chlorides from de-icing salts or marine environments.

IMPASS has been engineered to produce concrete with improved slump characteristics, greater ease of placement, enhanced durability and higher strength. IMPASS also provides corrosion protection with a lower dosage requirement – in fact, research has found that IMPASS is 30% more efficient than other formulations.


MIRA, the newest mid-range water reducer admixtures from Grace, are specially designed for high quality flatwork and formed concrete. MIRA mid-range water reducers provide improved water reduction and slump enhancement resulting in high quality, flowable concrete with superior finishability. MIRA produces workable 5" to 8" slump concrete that pumps easily into place with a set time of 30-90 minutes faster than standard mid-range water reducers. The end result is a smooth, durable concrete finish.

Grace invites finishers and contractors to join in live demonstrations at the booth and put MIRA to their own test. Two batches of concrete will be mixed at the booth – the first mix is a standard one while the other contains MIRA. "You can finish each mix yourself with a trowel and actually see the greater workability and reduced amount of bleed water in the mix," said Alice M. Poltorick, Marketing Communications Manager.

Grace Structural Fibers™

Grace Structural Fibers are designed for use in place of steel fibers and welded wire fabric in many applications including shotcrete, flatwork and precast concrete – even steel re-bar depending on the application. It provides superior performance due to partial fibrillation upon mixing, thus improving the toughness, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete. Using Grace Structural Fibers also controls plastic and drying shrinkage cracking, and dramatically reduces handling and installation problems associated with steel reinforcement and welded wire fabric.

DuraModel™ Software

Grace Construction Products' DuraModel Software, introduced in June 1997, enables Grace representatives to provide on-site, in-depth analysis of corrosion protection alternatives and lifecycle costs in a matter of minutes. An updated version of this software boasts new features and enhancements including the ability to address multiple sealer and membrane applications and to determine the apparent diffusion coefficients from concrete field cores. Service life results can now be predicted based on local and regional concrete exposure and permeability. DuraModel demonstrations will be available at Grace's booth throughout ConExpo-Con/Agg '99.


ADVA Superplasticizer is a breakthrough advancement in superplasticizer technology. This high range water-reducing admixture combines, for the first time, the benefits of long slump life with near neutral set time in high strength concrete.

The result of years of research and development, this product is used at approximately 1/3 the dose of a normal superplasticizer. This low dose produces high slump concrete with little segregation, and the concrete has superior workability and finishing characteristics. At ConExpo, we are introducing our latest product ADVA 100. Testimonials about projects from around the world that have benefited from using ADVA Superplasticizer can be heard in an exciting video, entitled "The Time Is Right™".


PolarSet is a non-corrosive, non-chloride, set accelerating admixture for concrete. It accelerates cement hydration resulting in shortened setting times and increased early age strengths, especially in cooler temperatures. PolarSet can reduce concrete set times by hours, thus enabling the earlier removal of protective tenting, faster form stripping, and quicker finishing. PolarSet, designed without the potential corrosive effects found with calcium chloride products, is especially useful where potential corrosion of embedded or stressed steel must be avoided. It can also be used in concrete that is to be placed on steel clad or zinc coated steel decks.


Eclipse is an award-winning shrinkage reducing admixture. It is designed to fight drying shrinkage and reduces cracking and curling by as much as 80%.

"The Las Vegas Scene"

Reinforcing its Las Vegas presence, Grace will feature, at its booth, the sculpting of "The Las Vegas Scene," a live, three-dimensional performance by a team of world-renowned sand sculptors. This "work in progress" will ultimately and uniquely simulate the Las Vegas skyline. Featured structures will include the Stratosphere, Hard Rock Cafe, Pyramid, and the Hoover Dam. Grace's products were used in the construction of these and many other Las Vegas landmarks. Gerry Kirk and his team from Sand World International, who have carved their creations at special events and competitions throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, will work throughout the course of the show to complete the sculpture. The sculpture, which is made of 17 tons of masonry sand, will be built on a platform measuring 10'x12' and will reach 10' in height.

"Las Vegas is the home to a number of highly visible buildings constructed with Grace products, including ADVA Superplasticizer and PolarSet", said Poltorick. "Clearly this city serves as a meaningful backdrop to showcase existing products and launch new products. Our strong industry presence will extend well beyond the trade show floor."

Technical Services

The Grace Construction Products booth will feature a Technical Services area staffed by a petrographer and technical service specialists. Equipped with a Petrographic microscope and a Stereomicroscope, staff will be on hand to demonstrate concrete analysis – reviewing the concrete microstructure, cement hydration and admixture effectiveness, air content, microcracking and mixing effectiveness – using concrete samples. Grace's Technical Services Laboratory Group often dissects samples of concrete to address specific project related issues. It is an innovative, ongoing service offered by Grace Construction Products to its customers worldwide.

"Our construction products and services are born from an intensive R&D effort, technical expertise and market knowledge," Poltorick noted. "Grace Construction Products is dedicated to raising industry standards and providing superior products and technical support to all of our customers. With the introduction of each new product and service, we reinforce our commitment to excellence."

For more information on IMPASS, MIRA, Grace Structural Fibers, DuraModel, ADVA, or PolarSet, customers can contact their local Grace Construction Products salesperson or visit ConExpo-Con/Agg booth S6835. Also, Grace's web site address is ../index.html.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Grace Construction Products, a business unit of W.R. Grace & Co., is a world-leading manufacturer of technically superior Concrete Products including: high range water reducers/superplasticizers, accelerators, retarders, air entraining agents, corrosion inhibitors, controlled low strength material, pumping aids, silica fume, finishing enhancers and fiber reinforcement that make concrete stronger, longer lasting, crack resistant, stress resistant and cost efficient. The company also manufactures cement processing additives, fire protection, waterproofing and masonry products, and has more than 125 plants and sales offices around the world.

IMPASS, MIRA, Grace Structural Fibers and DuraModel are trademarks of W.R. Grace & Co. – Conn. ADVA, PolarSet, Eclipse and DCI are registered trademarks of W.R. Grace & Co. – Conn.

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