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New Admixture Improves Freeze/Thaw Durability of Manufactured Concrete Products

LAS VEGAS, NV, JANUARY 17, 2000 -- Grace Construction Products, a world leader in the construction products industry, introduces TRYSTA™ Freeze/Thaw Durability Enhancing Admixture, developed especially for producers of concrete segmental retaining walls, paving stones, roof tiles and other dry-cast concrete products exposed to repeated freezing and thawing cycles. TRYSTA dramatically improves the resistance of low slump concrete to the detrimental effects of freezing and thawing, even in the presence of deicing salts. This patent-pending product can be used to maximize the efficiency of manufactured concrete products by allowing economic savings, while improving the freeze/thaw durability of the concrete units.

When water freezes it expands by approximately nine percent. The friction-reducing polymers and surfactants contained in TRYSTA admixture entrain micron-sized air bubbles that act as escape boundaries for unfrozen water pushed by the expansive ice front during a freezing cycle. Accommodating the transitional volume change without significantly stressing the concrete microstructure protects the integrity of dry-cast concrete products.

TRYSTA admixture enhances cement dispersion in dry-cast concrete mixtures, which improves cement utilization. Several economic benefits including effective cement and pigment reduction, greater durability, decreased overall life-cycle costs, and reduced product liability have been proven using this new product. Desired physical characteristics are achieved without over designing the mix.

"We are very excited about the introduction of TRYSTA," says Jeremy Gray, general manager of Grace Construction Products' Masonry Unit. "Our research indicated a desire to use Segmental Retaining Walls (SRWs) in more applications but until now usage was limited because of the freeze thaw issue. TRYSTA allows us to improve and increase the usage in DOT and municipal applications. TRYSTA is just one more example of Grace's commitment to innovation and technology."

For additional information on pricing and availability, customers can contact their local Grace Construction Products salesperson.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Grace Construction Products, a business unit of W.R. Grace & Co., is a world-leading manufacturer of concrete admixtures, cement processing additives, fire protection and waterproofing products and masonry products. The company has more than 125 plants and sales offices around the world. Visit the Grace Construction Products web site at

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