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CAMBRIDGE, MA, March 8, 2000 -- Grace Construction Products, a world leader in the construction products industry, has introduced TYTRON®, its newest product for use in the production of cement for masonry applications.

Grace cement additives are recognized worldwide for expanding the use and adaptability of concrete produced with the treated cement to meet a host of challenging construction designs and applications.

TYTRON was designed to help cement manufacturers produce masonry cements that exhibit excellent workability, extended board life and high water retention. Designed to be introduced into the mill during grinding, TYTRON enables cement manufacturers to achieve performance consistent with the requirements of ASTM C 91-95c Standard Specification for Masonry cement.

"TYTRON is a proprietary technology developed at our R&D labs and represents a revolutionary new chemistry for use in the production of cement for masonry applications. TYTRON answers a direct customer need for improved quality and performance of masonry cements," said Bret Simpson, International Marketing Manager for Grace Construction Products' Cement Additives Products.

To better meet customer needs, the basic formulation of TYTRON can be custom formulated to maximize its performance in combination with the raw materials of a specific cement plant. In general, this optimization focuses on enhanced performance as needed in the areas of workability, board life, water retention and/or strength.

Benefits to Cement Plant Manufacturers

TYTRON was developed in response to the needs of cement manufacturers for an additive that would improve the quality of masonry cement. TYTRON is supplied as a stable solution characterized by excellent shelf life and consistent performance.

Benefits to the Masonry Contractor

TYTRON allows cement manufacturers to provide a superior product to masonry contractors. Cement with TYTRON achieves superior performance for the masonry contractor in the areas of workability, board life, set time, water retention and strength. These benefits increase productivity and reduce costs for masonry contractors.

Grace Construction Products offers a complete line of additives and grinding aids for use in the production of cement. Over 60 years ago, Grace pioneered the development of the first chemical compounds used in cement grinding. Since that time, Grace has continued to offer superior products and services for cement manufacturers.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Grace Construction Products, a business unit of W.R. Grace & Co., (NYSE: GRA) is a world-leading manufacturer of cement processing additives, concrete admixtures, fire protection, waterproofing and masonry products, and has more than 125 plants and sales offices around the world.

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