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SAN ANTONIO, TX, JANUARY 26, 2001 -- Grace Construction Products, a world leader in the construction products industry, will showcase its comprehensive line of masonry products at Masonry Expo 2001, booth #423, in San Antonio, January 26 & 27. Through state-of-the-art R&D efforts in its Cambridge, MA laboratory, its dedicated and knowledgeable sales team, and superior on-site technical service, Grace continues to offer world-class masonry products designed to enhance peak performance while reducing costs.

Mirroring this year's booth theme, "Grace Chemistry For Peak Performance", visitors will be invited to test their "peak performance" on Grace's on-site ski slope. In addition, the booth will feature a variety of product demonstrations including:

  • The effects of efflorescence on block over time, as measured through an on-site demonstration with the spectrophotometer.

  • Admixture blending and dispensing techniques utilizing a JM-1 dispenser, which adds the admixture during the production process.

  • Effective water repellency in masonry block and mortar using INFINISEAL™ DB sealer, part of Grace's DRY-BLOCK® System.

Additional Grace products featured at Masonry Expo 2001 will include: DRY BRICK™ water-repellent admixture for masonry mortar; TRYSTA™ a freeze/thaw durability-enhancing admixture; and TERAPAVE™ and QUANTEC™ efflorescence control admixtures.


Grace's DRY-BLOCK® System of integral water-repellent admixtures, including block and mortar admixtures, has been successfully used for over 15 years to provide moisture control of concrete masonry walls. It is the only complete integral system on the market to minimize the ingress through both Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) and mortar.


Grace's INFINISEAL DB Sealer for DRY-BLOCK applications is a unique water-repellent sealer, specially formulated to provide maximum water repellency when post-applied to DRY-BLOCK concrete masonry structures. When the clear, penetrating sealer is sprayed, rolled or brush applied to the outside surface of the structural walls, water repellency is further enhanced to new and existing DRY-BLOCK structures, completing the DRY-BLOCK system. The use of INFINISEAL DB Sealer also helps minimize the risk of efflorescence, mold and mildew.


A liquid, integral water-repellent admixture formulated based on a patented technology, for masonry mortar. DRY-BRICK Mortar Admixture's water-repellent properties will dramatically reduce the amount of moisture wicking through the mortar joint into the building's interior. Likewise, it will not be wicked back to the exterior carrying soluble salts that can cause efflorescence at the joints on the wall exterior.


TRYSTA™ Freeze/Thaw Durability Enhancing Admixture was developed especially for producers of concrete segmental retaining walls, paving stones, roof tiles and other dry-cast concrete products exposed to repeated freezing and thawing cycles.

TRYSTA protects through every season by dramatically improving the resistance of low slump concrete to the detrimental effects of freezing and thawing, even in the presence of deicing salts. TRYSTA can be used to maximize the efficiency of manufactured concrete products by providing economic savings, while improving the freeze/thaw durability of the concrete units.

TRYSTA admixture enhances cement dispersion in low-slump concrete mixtures, which improves cement utilization. Several economic benefits including effective cement and pigment reduction, greater durability, decreased overall life-cycle costs, and reduced product liability have been proven using this new product. Desired physical properties are achieved without over-designing the mix.


TERAPAVE represents a group of admixtures that can be used to improve the quality/appearance of concrete pavers and to reduce the cost of paver production. TERAPAVE can be used to increase the compressive strength of the paver, thereby creating the opportunity for cement and pigment reductions during production. Grace's paver line also includes products that can be used to improve plasticity, control efflorescence, reduce absorption, improve durability, enhance color or increase throughput.


Quantec is a novel, efflorescence-controlling admixture, based on proprietary technology. Unlike current efflorescence control technologies, which function by simply restricting the movement of water and salts in the concrete unit, Quantec admixture chemically reacts with the hydrating cement to keep efflorescence from blooming. Quantec admixture has a neutral effect on concrete properties, such as compressive strength and freeze/thaw durability, and is compatible with most other concrete admixtures.

For more information about Grace products, customers can contact their local Grace Construction Products sales representative, stop by Masonry Expo booth #423, or visit the Grace Construction Products website at

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Grace Construction Products, a business unit of W. R. Grace & Co. (NYSE: GRA), is a leading manufacturer worldwide of concrete admixtures, cement processing additives, fire protection and waterproofing products and masonry products. The company has more than 125 plants and sales offices around the world.

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