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Concrete Admixtures MSDSs

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

All MSDSs Listed Below are for North American Products Only*

To access any product MSDS, click the product name. For those products that have separate formats for USA and Canada, you will need to click the appropriate country name.

If you cannot find your product on the MSDS list below, please contact our Environmental, Health & Safety Department at (800) 354-5414, extension 4370 or e-mail:


ADVA® Flow

ADVA® 100

ADVA® 140


Daracem® 19

Daracem® 50

Daracem® 55

Daracem® 65

Daracem® 65R

Daracem® 100

Daracem® ML330

Daracem® ML500

Daracem® MR (Puerto Rico)

DaraFill® (Dry)

DaraFill® (Eggs, Pail, Drums)

Daratard 17

Daratard 37

Daratard 152

Daratard HC

Daravair® 1000

Daravair® 1400

Daravair® AT60

Daravair® M

Daravair® R

Darex AEA (USA Only)

Darex EH AEA (CANADA Only)

Darex II AEA

DCI Corrosion Inhibitor

DCI S Corrosion Inhibitor


Eclipse® Floor

Force 10,000

Force 10,000 D

Gilco Accelerator

Gilco Fibers

Grace Accelerator

Grace Fibers

Grace Micro Fiber

Grace Structural Fibers

Lubricon NCA

Lubricon R

P4; Cormix P4






WRDA® 20

WRDA® 35

WRDA® 60

WRDA® 64

WRDA® 79

WRDA® 82

WRDA® 86

WRDA with Hycol

* The material safety data sheets contained herein comply with the requirements of the United States Occupational Health and Safety Act (29 CFR 1910.1200). Other countries have enacted data sheet requirements which may vary in form and substance. W.R. Grace & Co. -- Conn. makes no representation that use of these data sheets will satisfy national requirements in jurisdictions other than the United States of America and Canada. We are translating MSDSs into French Canadian but there is no plan to post at this time.

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