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Grace Ice & Water Shield®
The leading self-adhered membrane roofing underlayment offers premium leak protection for sloped roofs subject to the effects of ice dams or wind driven rain. The membrane is designed to be applied to the roof deck prior to the application of the finished roof coverings (shingles, tile, metal).
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Vycor® Basik™

Vycor Basik is a granular-surfaced, self-adhered, roofing underlayment which provides economical, easy to apply protection from damage caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams. The product is suitable for application under traditional roof coverings requiring protection from the wind-driven rain of strong storms and provides code-based standards of protection from ice dams in moderate climates. Vycor Basik is backed by a split plastic release liner that protects its adhesive quality. The liner is easily removed allowing the rubberized asphalt to be bonded to the roof deck.
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Vycor® Ultra
Vycor Ultra is designed to protect sloped roofs from the effects of wind driven rain and ice dams in applications where the membrane must withstand high, in-service temperatures for extended periods of time. This membrane offers excellent performance at elevated temperatures, in hot desert southwest climates or any application where superior heat resistance is a requirement.
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Vycor® Select
Vycor Select is a high performance, easy-to-apply, economical underlayment designed for use in wind driven rain applications and ice dams where code based standards of protection are sufficient. The product is economical and easy to apply.
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Grace Ice & Water Shield® Strips
Features the same superior performance features of Grace Ice & Water Shield in convenient pre-cut strips. Available in 75' rolls either 12" or 18" in width.
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