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What is Zonolite?

Zonolite® is Grace Specialty Vermiculite's trademark name for a variety of products based on Grace's exfoliated vermiculite. These products are engineered and produced to exacting quality standards for specific applications. For example Zonolite Masonry Insulation is coated with a water repellant for use as an insulator in masonry wall assemblies, while Zonolite Vermiculite is specially sized and used in industrial applications. Please contact a Grace sales representative to discuss your specific application.

Can Zonolite be used to produce light weight concrete?

Yes, Grace produces a specially formulated product for this application. Zonolite Stabilized Concrete Aggregate (SCA) can be mixed with cement to produce a lightweight insulating concrete for a variety of end use applications (roof decks, noise reduction, stabilized fill applications, etc.).

What is the best way to contact Grace?

Either e-mail one of the Sales Representatives or call toll free in the US at 1-800-342-2017 or in Canada at 1-800-263-7500. Outside of North America just call us in the US at 864-969-3353 (extension 207) or FAX at 864-969-9923.

I have an application that is not listed on this web site. Does Grace make a product for my application?

Grace Specialty Vermiculite is the world leader in vermiculite product innovation and technology. Chances are that we already produce a product that will work for you so please contact us.

Can Grace Export products?

Grace's mining/manufacturing facilities are based in North America but products are shipped worldwide. Grace's export department can assist you with various packaging configurations and freight options.

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