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Pre-applied Waterproofing Membranes

Preprufe® Waterproofing System
Preprufe® 300R & 160R membranes are unique composite sheets comprising a thick HDPE film, an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating.

Unlike conventional non-adhering membranes, which are vulnerable to water ingress tracking between the unbonded membrane and structure, the unique Preprufe seal to concrete prevents any ingress or migration of water around the structure.

The Preprufe R System includes:

Preprufe 300R - heavy-duty grade for use below slabs and on rafts (i.e. mud slabs). Designed to accept the placing of heavy reinforcement using conventional concrete spacers.

Preprufe 160R - thinner grade for lighter applications and reverse tanking (i.e. blindside zero property line) applications against permanent formwork such as soil retention systems.

Preprufe Tape LT - for covering cut edges, roll ends, penetrations and detailing (temperatures between -4°C (25°F) and +30°C (86°F)).

Preprufe Tape HC - as above for use in Hot Climates (minimum 10°C (50°F)).

Bituthene® Liquid Membrane - for sealing around penetrations, etc.

Project Using This Product: Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System, Asda Superstore
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Preprufe® 200 Waterproofing Membrane
Preprufe® 200 Membrane is a composite sheet comprising a thick HDPE film, an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating. Using patented Advanced Bond Technology™, Preprufe 200 Membrane provides a continuous seal that resists water ingress and migration between the membrane and the structure.

The Preprufe 200 System includes:

Preprufe 200 Membrane - Robust membrane for horizontal use below concrete slabs or vertically against soil retention systems.

Preprufe CJ Tape LT - Self-adhesive 200 mm (8 in.) wide strip applied to the surface of the membrane along the line of all concrete joints (application temperature range -4°C to +30°C (25°F to 86°F)).

Preprufe CJ Tape HC - As above for use in hot climates (minimum 10°C (50°F)).

Bituthene® Liquid Membrane - For sealing around penetrations, etc.

Preprufe 200 Membrane is applied either horizontally to smooth prepared concrete, well-rolled and compacted sand, or compacted crushed stone blinding; or vertically to permanent formwork or adjoining structures. Concrete is then cast directly against the adhesive side of the membranes. The specially developed Preprufe adhesive layers work together to form a continuous and integral seal to the poured concrete.

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