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Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System

Project: Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System
Owner: Mass Rapid Transit Corporation
Consultant: Land Transport Authority
Grace Products: Preprufe® Waterproofing Membrane and Bituthene® 3000 Waterproofing Membrane

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC) decided to extend the existing MRT network to include a line going through the North Eastern part of the island as well as a line to the Changi International Airport. In the previous constructions of the MRT tunnel tracks and stations, Grace's Bituthene 3000 waterproofing membranes have been successfully used. With the North East and Changi East lines, Preprufe waterproofing membranes were also used in addition to Bituthene 3000. Preprufe's unique bonding system is the solution to MRTC's concerns with ground settlement problems. A total of 500,000 square metres of Preprufe 300 and Bituthene 3000 were applied, to the tunnel base slabs and walls respectively. The two lines are expected to be completed in 2002.

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